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New Deveopments!

New age manufacturing

Empowering Industries (Gemba) through 'grass-root' 'bottom-up' evolution into Smart Manufacturing & Profitable Hubs 

Churning out Top-of-the-Line New Age Technologies & Quality Equipment

Smart & Flexible Manufacturing Systems:
Intelligent & Self-caring Machining, Auto Gauging, Inspection & Assembly Systems & Automations

Smart Factories, IIoT, Industry 4.0:
Predictive Quality Assurance, Zero PPM
Predictive Maintenance & Self-care, 95% plus OEE
Robotization | Low-cost Automation | Smart Part Transfer

Six Spindle Progressive Honing Machine | Simplistic | Ver.-1


Machine Accessories | Compact Modular Power Units


Fixturing elements | Hydraulic Location, Orientation, Clamping


High Speed Vertical Machining Center | Modular | Smart


Six Axis Articulated Robot | Simplistic | Top of the line


New Products!

Towards a Clean & Green Future

Sustainable Technologies

Ease of end-use Products

Modular, Scalable, Indigenous

Powerful, Reliable, Long Life

Electric Vehicles | Long range | Scooter, Motorbike, Cars


Solar Panels | High Efficiency, Modular, Scalable


Research on Alternative technologies | Phase-1



A new beginning! Make in India!

Minimalist, Powerful, Rugged, Beautiful

New age, Truly smart, Self-caring

A companion, An experience

Smart Phone | Top of the line


PhableTop | Convertible | A Phone, A Tablet, A Laptop


Research on Futuristic Communication | Phase-1


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