'True innovation' is driven by a 'relentless pursuit' of 'how to do things in a better way'

- Insight's outlook, enshrined in it's DNA.

Systemic: Evolved with experience & engineering

● Standard Products :  Super-finishing line up
Bore Finishing > Single Pass Honing Machines
Surface Finishing > Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines

● Process Solutions :  End to End Turnkey
Machines > Metal Working, Assembly, Testing
Automation > Robotics, Gantry, Conveyance
Tooling up > Machining Fixtures, Tooling, Power Units
Industry 4.0 > I-IoT, Monitoring, Analytics, Reporting
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The Core: Foundational DNA

Meticulous application of scientific principles in a systemic, creative & innovative way, to gain tangible value in the form of Operational Excellence - is 'Engineering Excellence'.

● Firmly grounded roots in 'scientific outlook', plus
● The ecosystem of holistic 'Engineering, Design & Manufacturing' infrastructure
- empower Insight's specialist engineers in developing cutting edge technologies - across the spectrum of manufacturing & process engineering.

The engine: Experiential pragmatism 

Experience is about knowing what works, and what doesn't. The latter is more important - pragmatically.

Seasoned domain experts with over 2 decades of hands-on experience across-
● Machine Tools   ● Process Automation   ● Robotics  ● i4.0
- form the engine of Insight's deliverables.

Experience is one thing, but really it is the passion to build awesome machines & systems that drives our engineers.

Insight's Product Portfolio

Process Solutions  |  End to End  ●  Turnkey

Machine Tools ● Process Automation ● Robotics ● Industry 4.0

Insight is led by industry leading domain experts with over 2 decades of hands-on experience, across each of these portfolios.

Being a multi-faceted company is tough, very tough. It needs a domain specific team with specific skillsets & specializations - for each product line - for each solution line.
Building such an ecosystem was no easy climb.
It took years of 'evolution-iteration' cycles, for Insight to master & sustain the idea of becoming > a multi-dimensional ecosystem of solutions, in it's true essence.

Such a carefully nurtured & curated product portfolio, enables Insight in contributing meaningful value to it's customer-partners, across the value-chain.

And, here's the standard product range of Insight's Super-finishing Machines:
iHone VR-S Series > Single Pass Honing Machines
iGrind LG Series     > Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines

An overview of Insight's repertoire:

'How you do what you do' makes all the difference.

One can make things, but making awesome things (machines!) that personify real QCD outcomes, warrants meticulous engineering and a design paradigm of absolute performance. And perhaps more importantly - an inherent 'want' to build awesome stuff.

'Manufacturing Excellence' indeed doesn't come by the Systems or Machines that aren't built for 'Operational Excellence'!
And building such systems takes commitment, focus & scientific discipline, in other words - it takes strength of 'character', the character of Engineering Excellence.

So, engineered with passion, and built with the love of machines, here's an overview of Insight's repertoire -

Rarely have we posted some real moments on Youtube.
Our engineers build awesome stuff, but aren't really good video makers! (Sorry guys!).
But we're getting better! Here's some sneak peek into 'once in a while' captures.
And yes, our guys have decided to be consistent here, and better too!
Some interesting stuff will start getting uploaded sooner than thought. Till then, this is what's here...

Here's our FB feed. A little more active our guys are here!


iHone VR-S8
CNC Single Pass Honing Machine.
8-Spindles. 10 Stations
Progressive Honing & Burnishing

iGrind LG Series
Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines
Lap Grinding for Super-finishing

New Product under launch...
Compact, Robust, High-Speed VMC.
Coming up in June'2023!

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