Insight's Process Solutions
Assembly ● Testing ● Gauging ● Inspection

- Engineered to Excellence

Putting parts together (assembly), is seemingly easy. But assembling 'correctly', requires in-depth process engineering, be it-
- calculating pressing loads at different combinations of shaft & hub tolerances
- or say the right torque for screw fitment
- or may be the way auto loading of a bearing, an O-ring or a screw is done onto a part for further fitment
- or appropriate tolerances on locating pins or bushes, etc., and/or so forth.

Do the process engineering well & you've built a sustainable assembly line, else it is a series of never ending problems, corrections, tweaks & what not!
A fine assembly line 'just works', and works reliably. And that's how Insight's crew of Process Automation experts build these systems. Indeed, a well engineered Process line, greatly minimizes or well in fact eliminates stoppages / breakdowns and as a result shoots up OEE.

Robust build quality, performance oriented design and meticulously engineered elements, typify Insight's Processing Machines, be it Assembly Fitment, Leak Testing, Performance Testing, Auto-gauging, Vision Inspection and so forth.

Bush Pressing Machine, Torquing Machine, Assembly Fitment

Foundational Schema

Single or Multi-Station

Progressive or Simultaneous Assembly
Preceding Process Validation | Sensing

Linear or Rotary Indexing

Layout driven | Semi or Fully Automatic
Progressive Process Streamlining  

Auto Part Transfer

Vibratory, Magazine, Vacuum Feeders
Palletized Conveyor | Pick & Place 

Monitoring & Traceability

Process Monitoring | Part Traceability
Data Capture & Analytics | Reporting 

Process Assurance

Process-specific parameter validation
Progressive process interlocks  

End-of-Line Validation

Performance Testing | Inspection
Vision, Laser, Optical, LVDT, Analog 


  • New Product under launch...
  • Compact, Robust, High-Speed VMC.
  • Coming up in August'2023!