Insight's Process Solutions
Assembly ● Testing ● Gauging ● Inspection

- Engineered to Excellence

Putting parts together (assembly), is seemingly easy. But assembling 'correctly', requires in-depth process engineering, be it-
- calculating pressing loads at different combinations of shaft & hub tolerances
- or say the right torque for screw fitment
- or may be the way auto loading of a bearing, an O-ring or a screw is done onto a part for further fitment
- or appropriate tolerances on locating pins or bushes, etc., and/or so forth.

Do the process engineering well & you've built a sustainable assembly line, else it is a series of never ending problems, corrections, tweaks & what not!
A fine assembly line 'just works', and works reliably. And that's how Insight's crew of Process Automation experts build these systems. Indeed, a well engineered Process line, greatly minimizes or well in fact eliminates stoppages / breakdowns and as a result shoots up OEE.

Bush Pressing Machine, Torquing Machine, Assembly Fitment

Robust build quality, performance oriented design and meticulously engineered elements, typify Insight's Processing Machines, be it Assembly Fitment, Leak Testing, Performance Testing, Auto-gauging, Vision Inspection and so forth.

Let's take a look at a few solutions:

Assembly Cell for Bearing Housing of Oil Pump

Here's an assembly cell built for a major European automotive major, installed in Italy.

Considering lower initial production volumes, end-user needed a simple assembly cell that just does the job.

The cell was carefully engineered and built with scalability and future automation in mind.

Reliable production calls for robust and meticulous machine design & build quality. Here's an example of a simple yet high reliable assembly cell.

End of Line | Performance Testing | Case Oil Pump of 4-Wheeler

Installed in multiples, at one of the global-leaders who has a wide foot-print in the arena of manufacturing across the industries viz., automotive, infrastructure, energy, aviation and many else (!), this EoL machine serves the purpose testing critical sub-assemblies made for one of the India's largest Car Manufacturers.

Multiple part variants with easy change-over of fixtures, ease of test program edit / change through HMI, high quality testing sensors and equipment, make up the nature of this set of machines.

Foundational Schema

Single or Multi-Station

Progressive or Simultaneous Assembly
Preceding Process Validation | Sensing

Linear or Rotary Indexing

Layout driven | Semi or Fully Automatic
Progressive Process Streamlining  

Auto Part Transfer

Vibratory, Magazine, Vacuum Feeders
Palletized Conveyor | Pick & Place 

Monitoring & Traceability

Process Monitoring | Part Traceability
Data Capture & Analytics | Reporting 

Process Assurance

Process-specific parameter validation
Progressive process interlocks  

End-of-Line Validation

Performance Testing | Inspection
Vision, Laser, Optical, LVDT, Analog