Double Side Fine Grinding Machines
Insight's iGrind LG Series

- Precision Personified

[Also known as Lap Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding, Double Disc Fine Grinding]

Fine Grinding, in this context the Double Side Fine Grinding - is the process that imparts high precision form (flatness & parallelism), tight size control (thickness) and superior surface finish.

Material removal is through the mechanism of 'abrasive sub-micro-grooving cum shear-abrasion', by the method of epicyclic-planetary feed - hence normalizing the surface to accomplish superior form, size & topography; Surface topography is naturally an epicyclic cross-hatch, something that is desired for the kind of super-precision flat parts where's relative motion or need of face sealing - like the case of a valve plate.
And then, the use of super abrasive diamond / CBN wheels heralds long tool life and low CPC.

Moreover, the process is so clean relative to lapping, that the coolant is recycled & reused for extended periods, plus the finished parts are coated with a thin layer of coolant which makes post process cleaning extremely minimal or not at all.

iGrind LG Series, Insight's Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines, having been engineered to do exactly that - 'precisely & consistently', are a cross-over between Lapping & Grinding, offering the best of both the worlds-
- Accuracy of Lapping kinematics
- Speed & aggressive cutting of Grinding
[relative to lapping, Fine Grinding is 5 to 25 times faster, case-basis]

These machines, the iGrinds - though built for highly consistent super-finishing, can do roughing as well (removing say upto 0.6mm stock). Quite just like that(!) - thanks to the robust structural schema, thermo-symmetric design & force-vector-flow based element engineering.

With ingeniously & holistically designed 'Intelligent Controls' Architecture' with an empathic view of the end-use, running these machines in the shopfloor - is a breeze, quite literally!
Icing on the cake is - the cluster of smart algorithms developed by our Controls Engineers, which pretty much transform the machine into self-learning autonomy.

And then, state of the art build quality brought to life by our machine-tool manufacturing experts, carries these machines into a class of its own.

Double Disc Grinding Machine, Lap Grinding, Double Sided Fine Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding

A quick primer on iGrinds (LG Series)

Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines that super-finish flat surfaces with consistent precision, with:

Size control  |  Thickness
Geometric form  |   Flatness & Parallelism
Surface quality  |  High surface finish

Set up any mode of machining; Time mode, Size mode or Constant MRR mode, tweak the process once, and let it go on about it. And it literally runs for thousands of cycles till the next setting. Dressing cycles can be as long as once in 6000 parts.
Set it again (just the sensor master) - pretty quickly, and then let it go (again!).

In-process skill needed, is literally zero! Yes, literally!

As low as 1~2 seconds part. Well of course the time is a function of surface area to be ground & the stock to be removed.
You see, it works like this - say a 100 parts can be finished, in 100 seconds.

The process is batch mode. There's a large area of wheel face, to accommodate quite a number of work-pieces at once!
For example, our iGrind LG 720, offers ~1700 (~263.5 sq.inch) of surface area for work-pieces, and that's pretty high!

Cutting speed can reach as high as 300m/min, and that's very fast!

Double Disc Grinding, Fine Grinding

Dwelling deeper into the iGrinds...

Here's primer on Insight's Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines
Double Sided Fine Grinding Machine, Lap Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding
Double Sided Fine Grinding Machine, Lap Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding
Double Sided Fine Grinding Machine, Lap Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding
Double Sided Fine Grinding Machine, Lap Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding, Dual Face Fine Grinding

View in Action!

[Visit our YouTube channel and browse through the videos & the description - for some interesting insights on Double Disc Fine Grinding and other interesting subjects]

iGrind LG 720

Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine

These machines have been producing parts with:
> Flatness < 0.0015mm
> Parallelism < 0.0015mm
> Size control of +/- 0.001mm
> Surface finish of 0.08~0.12 Ra
> Cycle time of ~4 seconds per Part