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Subtractive Manufacturing, mostly across Machining arena, remains an important process of achieving required form, accuracy & finish of most engineering parts.

Machining, in a broader sense refers to material removal. When we talk about metal machining - be it ferrous or non ferrous, it all comes down to overcoming the threshold shear-resistance of work-piece material in a way that:
- Produces a clean post-machined surface topography
- Decreases friction through careful tool geometry
- Facilitates swift & clean chip flow
- Enables easy & quick heat dissipation
- Removes material with a brisk MRR

All this - whilst carefully minding the metallurgical make-up of work-piece material, and approaching near-real behavioural estimate of Tool to Work-piece interface.

And in the scheme of all these, securing the part by arresting all DOF, ensuring minimal or no deformation of the part itself, channeling the flow of forces from the fixture to the machine bed - in an efficient way, are a few things that are critical to outcome in terms of Q-C-D.

Tooling is another aspect - that is as important as the Machine & Fixture, not to forget the importance of right cutting fluid.

Insight's Turnkey Solutions' team, with a collective experience of installation of over 1000+ production lines, work in close conjunction with its customer from print-to-production.

Robot Automation, Machine Tending, Pick and Place, Conveyors, Welding Automation

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