Insight's Smart Manufacturing Solutions
Industrial Internet of Things ● Industry 4.0

- Digitizing Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing, is an inevitable future - for every industry. Evolution of shop-floors into Smart Factories in a definitive necessity to leverage competitive advantage.
Macro-view of a holistic smart factory - is about the alignment of the business, from marketing to supply chain. Every things is data driven, intelligent, and self aware. Naturally, the possibilities are immense, with direct tangible value.

Yet there's an aura around this subject and a perception of high costs of implementation and in some cases - lack of holistic understanding in translating investments into tangible value.

Partly such predicament stems on from the ground reality that - most IIoT solutions today - propose near complete transformation of the shop floor, a proposition that is quite expensive in most of the cases. There are a few reasons why most IIoT solution providers propose this way i.e., complete transformation, and perhaps one of those is - limited understanding of the solution provider about inner workings of various machines & equipment across the shop floor, which a Machine Tool builder systemically understands.

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Comprehensive understanding of the functionality of the machines and most importantly - how the machines are built, is the key to a solution that truly serves the purpose by leveraging what is already there - meaning - using existing systems to the maximum extent possible. This opens up the possibilities to directly cut-down the costs of implementation significantly.

Thanks to Insight’s diversified portfolio, our i4.0 team understands the nuances and the nitty gritty of how the machines must be connected, and what kind of data is actually required to be captured, processed and reported. Having worked with our customers in digitizing the processes - from cell-levels to line-levels, Insight's i4.0 team has come a long way in being able to provide an ecosystem of real & meaningful digitization.


Augmentation Focused

Evolve using existing lines & set-ups
Minimal re-engineering of existing


Connected Devices

Wired/Wireless Communication Protocol
Real-time monitoring, Flags, Actions


Data Capture, Analytics & Report

Augmented Sensor neural network
Data driven Objective Decision Charter


Smart Manufacturing

Data-driven Machine & Process Learning
AI based Smart process tweaking


Autonomous Intelligence

Self-awareness through Digital Twin
Demand-based self-caring   


Prediction driven Enterprise

Predictive Process & Quality Parameters
Predictive Maintenance & Planning