Insight's Innovation Drive
New Products ● Technology Breakthroughs

- Enabling forward leap of Manufacturing

Technology development and effective technology utilisation are the key drivers of manufacturing innovation that aims at productivity enhancement, quality improvement and optimization of operational costs.

Insight's Innovation Engineering Group (IEG - as we call them), is focused on building best-in-class products & cutting edge technologies - aimed at evolving the solutions that solve real problems in a tangible way.

Manufacturing Innovation, New Technology Trends, New Product Development


Manufacturing Excellence
Evolve smart Machines & Systems
VMCs, HMCs, TCs, Honing & Grinding 


Sustainable Excellence
Evolutionary automation systems
Robots, AGVs, Pick & Place 


Future Manufacturing Tech
Evolve Technologies of the future
Additive manufacturing, 3D-printing  


Smart & Connected Systems
Development of Technologies enabling
easy & sustainable smart factories 


Zero Carbon Foot-print
Industrial & Domestic Applications
Source-to-Use energy efficiency


Sustainable Energy
Renewable resourcefulness
Innovating alternative Energy carriers 

Smart Machines

Process Excellence

Future of Manufacturing

Clean & Green Tech