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Dual Face Fine Grinding
for Super-finishing Flat Surfaces

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Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine

iGrind LG 720

Dual Face Fine Grinding

Dual Face Fine Grinding Process

[Aptly called as Lap-Grinding or simply Fine Grinding]

Fine Grinding is a batch-mode ‘super-finishing process’ for flat surfaces, that imparts:
> High-precision form  |  Flatness & Parallelism
> Tight size control  |  Part Thickness
> High surface finish  |  Consistently & Precisely

The process is a fusion of lapping & grinding (aptly named ‘Lap-Grinding’), combining the best of:
> Speed & aggressive cutting of grinding +
> Accuracy of lapping kinematics

In ‘Lap-Grinding’ kinematics, work-pieces are driven around in an epicyclic trajectory whilst being sandwiched between upper & lower grinding wheels.

Upper & lower wheels, as a pair, remove the material from both sides of the work-pieces simultaneously. Both wheels are made with an abrasive layer of diamonds or CBN.

Epicyclic trajectory of work-pieces, is accomplished by planetary motion of carriers i.e., work-piece holders.

Coolant through holes & labyrinths in the upper wheel ensure reach of coolant to the cutting zone in a systemic fashion; While the evacuation holes in the bottom wheel act as pathways for chip removal.

iGrind LG series is sort of similar to a typical horizontal double disc grinder, albeit with such differences as-
(a) batch-mode grinding (b) epicyclic carrier drive (c) a self-aligning upper wheel via a universal torque-joint

Relative to double-disc grinding, the construction & process design of Lap-Grinding Machines, enables far-superior precision & size accuracy.

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Insight’s Machine building division, Tooling division & Automation division, accord a single source of build of entire system, end-to-end, effectively enhancing productivity, quality consistency, and thereby reduce overall ownership cost of the system.

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