Insight's Metal Cutting Solutions

- World-class, Nothing Less

Although the history of metal cutting is more than 5000 years old, this arena saw phenomenal developments through the last couple of centuries, accelerating as we approached the 21st.

But then, there is still an aura, a mystery sort of, around the science of Metal Cutting, perhaps because sufficient intellectual investment wasn't warranted in this domain, save some truly remarkable contributions by the likes of 'Earnst & Merchant', Stabler, 'Lee and Shaffer', 'Christopherson, Oxley and Palmer'.

Insight's expertise in Metal Cutting stems from a deep & nuanced understanding of the mechanics of cutting - encompassing the building blocks such as tool materials & geometries (be it rakes, flanks and stem strengths), shear mechanisms, chip flow, cutting fluids, thermal aspects and a host of other crucial elements of this truly deep science.

'iMC Series' is Insight's Machining Centers' product line - which flows into three solutions paradigms:
1) Standard Machining Centers: Exuding unparalleled accuracy, performance & reliability. Configurations of Vertical, Horizontal & 5-Axes Machining Centers.
2) Special Purpose Machines: Dedicated machines for specific purposes, especially for high production rates.
3) Customized Machining Centers: Cross-overs between General Purpose Machining Centers and SPMs (Special Purpose Machines). These offer a solution that strikes a balance between the flexibility of GPMs and takt of SPMs.

iMC H400-C | Customized 2+1 Axes Compact Machining Center

This iMC is installed at one of the world-leaders across a multitude of portfolios ranging from Marine, Navy, Transportation, Infrastructure Engineering, and so forth.

End-user was looking for a compact customized machining center that caters to their current needs of component machining, but yet possesses sufficient flexibility for similar family of components that may be added in the future. Plus the plausibility of reconfiguration if the need arises considering future scalability.

So our engineers customized the 'iMC H Series' to have two linear axes + 1 rotary axis.

This iMC performs machining on over 18 variants of components at the moment, and a lot many that may come up in the future.

iMC H500-C | Customized 3+1 Axes Horizontal Machining Center

Installed at one of the prominent global-leaders in the power generation sector renowned for the manufacture of AC Generators & Motors, this iMC H500-C does the job of machining large sized shafts and analogous complementary components.

The ask here was a customized heavy duty Machining Center that can handle heavy components that are in the vicinity of length~1200mm or so, necessitating a large swing diameter coupled with a heavy duty table load carrying capacity of order of 2000 kgf.

So here's another case of a customized 'iMC H Series' that has standard specifications of the H500 model, but customized to the needs of end-use; An amalgamation of fitness to purpose and flexibility of a GPM.

Solutions' Efficacity

High Speed, Robust, Meticulous

High & Sustained Productivity & Quality
Designed & Built-to-Last; Flexibly so! 

Modular Spindles & Drives

Single, Twin or Multi-Spindle
Operational Parallelism | Low Takt 

Configurable Feed Axes

Series or Simultaneous | Linear & Rotary
Servo | Hydraulic | Pneumatic 

Built-in Flexibility

Modular, Modifiable, Reconfigurable
Takt of an SPM + Flexibility of a GPM! 

Autonomous Intelligence

Self-monitoring | Self-caring
Predictive maintenance | Long-life! 

Control | Fit to Purpose

CNC or PLC or Microcontroller or Hybrid
Cost focused, Life-cycle visibility based 

Let's take a look at a the repertoire: