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Insight's iGrind LG Series

Lap Grinding Machines that super-finish flat surfaces with consistent precision, with:

Size control  |  Thickness
Geometric form  |   Flatness & Parallelism
Surface quality  |  High surface finish

Set up any mode of machining; Time mode, Size mode or Constant MRR mode, tweak the process once, and let it go on about it. And it literally runs for thousands of cycles till the next setting. Dressing cycles can be as long as once in 6000 parts.
Set it again (just the sensor master) - pretty quickly, and then let it go (again!).

In-process skill needed, is literally zero! Yes, literally!

As low as 1~2 seconds part. Well of course the time is a function of surface area to be ground & the stock to be removed.
You see, it works like this - say a 100 parts can be finished, in 100 seconds.

The process is batch mode. There's a large area of wheel face, to accommodate quite a number of work-pieces at once!
For example, our iGrind LG 720, offers ~1700 (~263.5 sq.inch) of surface area for work-pieces, and that's pretty high!

Cutting speed can reach as high as 300m/min, and that's very fast!

Single Pass Honing Machine

Now, let's browse through iGrind LG series.

Here's an outline of Insight's Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines (we call these 'Lap Grinding' Machines)...
Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine
Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine
Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine
Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine

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Insight's iGrind LG 720

Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine

iGrind LG 720

Dual Face Fine Grinding Machine

> Vertical Epicyclic
> Wheel dia. 720
> For Valve Plate of Refrigerator

These machines have been producing parts with:
> Flatness < 0.001mm
> Parallelism of 0.0005~0.001mm
> Size control of +/- 0.001mm
> Surface finish of 0.08~0.12 Ra
> Cycle time of ~4 seconds per Part

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