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Insight's iHone VR-S Series

Machines which not only can hone cost efficiently, but as a matter of fact - can be used for any application that desires the process outcomes such as:

In terms of size, geometric form & surface finish.

Set the tools (Diamond Hones) to size, and let it go (!), and it runs for thousands of cycles till the next setting.
Set it again and then let it go (again!).

In-process skill needed, is literally zero!

As low as 6~8 seconds part. Well of course the time is a function of diameter & length of bore.

The process is progressive and parallel. Every index gives a finished part output.
Feed rates can go from 400mm/min to 1500mm/min, and that's very fast!

Of order of ₹ 0.1 ($0.001) to ₹ 0.3 ($0.004) per part.

Tool life can run from 50000 parts to up to a million parts, of course being a function of bore size & length i.e., how much surface area is being machined.
Diamond is one of the hardest cutting materials, and it wears slow, and hence it gives quite high tool life.

Now, let's dwell deeper & explore iHone VR-S, shall we?

iHone 500-6s

> Vertical Rotary
> 6 Spindles
> 8 Stations

These 2 machines (in the video) have produced more than 6 million parts each (as on May'22), working 24/7 like a war-horse, producing output consistently with:
> Bore size repeatability < 0.002mm
> Circularity of 0.0005~0.0015mm
> Cylindricity of 0.0005~0.002mm
> Surface finish of 0.08~0.12 Ra
> Cycle time of 10 seconds per Part

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