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Honing Solution for Super Precision Bores
Customizable Machine Features & Specifications

An invention in Fixturing, a new way of making Precision Bores through innovative Patented Fixturing Scheme.
This proven innovation has made absolute Self-aligning a reality and thereby enabling highly controlled Quality Parameters on the Components.

Component shown in the above video, has been produced to following parameters, for nearly 4,00,000 cycles, and counting!
(i) Bore size repeatability of 0.002mm
(ii) Circularity of 0.0005~0.0015mm
(iii) Cylindricity of 0.0005~0.002mm
(iv) Surface finish of 0.05~0.15 Ra
(v) Cycle time of 10 seconds per Part

Very low Overall Cost, Precision, Quality & High Throughput alternative to Conventional Honing and/or Reaming Processes:
(i) 40~60% lower cost of operation
(ii) 50~70% higher Productivity

Process details & features:
(i) Single Pass Honing | Multi-stroke Bore finishing
(ii) Diamond or CBN Hones
(iii) Progressive bore size & geometry formation
(iv) Bore sizes from dia. 3mm onwards
(v) Consistent quality (SPC values greater than 2 Cpk)
(vi) Material removal from 0.01mm to 0.2mm
(vii) Tool life as high as 2,00,000 cycles
(viii) Zero operator skill needed
(ix) Very low to Zero part rejection
(x) High speed process | Cycle time per part as low as 6 seconds

Machine Features:
(i) World class build quality
(ii) Robust design
(iii) Elegant aesthetics
(iv) Built for Automation
(v) CNC or PLC based, as needed
(vi) Super-precision Spindles
(vii) High accuracy C-axis (Rotary Table / Indexer)
(viii) Variable spindle matrix; From Single Spindle to 12 Spindles
(ix) Fine coolant oil filtration | Compact Paper Band with Magnetic Separator
(x) Fully customizable
(xi) Horizontal or Vertical configuration
(xii) Optional Loading & Unloading Automation 

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