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- Smart, Efficient, Effective

'Automation is transformational' - a resounding yes it is!
But hey, this is true - only (!) when you know where & how exactly should you implement it!

Humans are wise 'beings'. And Robots are not 'beings'. When you get a Robot to do what a person does, it can & will succeed only when the system engineering is 'just right' in a holistic sense.

It is not just about putting up a 'Pick & Place' or a 'Gantry' or a 'Robot', it is about fundamental process engineering. Automation works best when you conduct an in-depth Process FMEA, identify pitfalls, and then engineer the 'system of automation' comprehensively.
And hey, knowing what doesn't work, is as important as knowing what works! Perhaps more so!

Robot Automation, Machine Tending, Pick and Place, Conveyors, Welding Automation

And indeed, this is easier said than done. But well well, here's the good news!
Insight's Automation division, is a crew of experts with extensive experience and a keen eye for tiny yet important details. And they're on a mission to truly contribute value to your 'Gemba', through meaningful Process Automation. 

Foundational Schema

Diverse Application Areas

Machine Tending | Assembly | Welding | BIW
Foundry | Forging | Sealing | Spraying | Paint 

Full Speed Utilization

Robust, Vibration resistant Mounting
Pedestal | Floor-track | Overhead Gantry 

Synergic Peripherals | One Stop

Top-notch-quality build of Peripherals
Conveyors, Positioners, Magazines 

High Performance & Reliability

High Quality BOPs | Grippers, Actuators
Uncompromising Manufacturing Quality 

Meticulous Motion Profile

Shortest path-vector method > Low Takt
Lowest inertial effect > Enhanced Life 

Phased & Scalable

Cost conscious, Specific yet Modular
Cell/Line-Design, with Future foresight