Single Pass Honing Machines
Insight's iHone VR-S Series

- Precision Personified

[Also known as Single Stroke Honing or Diamond Bore Sizing]

Single Pass Honing, is a high-productivity bore-finishing process, that imparts high-precision form, tight size control and high surface finish consistently and precisely. The process involves passing a series of tools with pre-set sizes, progressively through the bore, in a single in-and-out stroke.

Relative to traditional multi-pass honing (aka multi-stroke honing), Single Pass Honing Process as the name suggests - finishes holes/bores by a one-stroke in & out honing modality, which enables simultaneous removal of stock, that is distributed over multiple spindles. Natural outcome is faster process - going from 2 to 5 times relative to multi-stroke honing.
Moreover, distributed stock removal directly enhances tool life, most often in order of 5 to 10 times.

Tag-lined 'Precision Personified', Insight's Single Pass Honing Machines - are the kind of machines that personify the art of meticulous engineering, and exhibit uncompromising build quality.

These Machines not only can 'hone' cost efficiently, but as a matter of fact - can be used for any application that desires process outcomes such as - Consistent Bore Quality, High Speed Bore Finishing & Low CPC (Cost per Component).

Ever since the launch of the machines half a decade back, the VR-S series - Single Pass Honing Machines, have gone through a multitude of holistic evolutionary enhancements:
- From 'fabricated base & column structures' in earlier versions to 'vibration-resistant thermo-symmetric cast structures' in the current version
- Far improved 'stiffness-to-weight' ratios, and enhanced robustness
- Re-engineered Electrical & Controls Architecture that's evidently one of the bests across this segment
- Sleeker design, Revamped aesthetics & Re-optimized topology
- and, a host of simplistic yet impactful nuances of engineering!

Sound Engineering breeds Sound Results!

Single Pass Honing, Single Pass Honing Machine, Single Stroke Honing Machine

A quick primer on iHones

Single Pass Honing Machines which not only can hone cost efficiently, but as a matter of fact - can be used for any application that desires the process outcomes such as:

In terms of size, geometric form & surface finish.

Set the tools (Diamond Hones) to size, and let it go (!), and it runs for thousands of cycles till the next setting.
Set it again and then let it go (again!).

In-process skill needed, is literally zero!

As low as 6~8 seconds part. Well of course the time is a function of diameter & length of bore.

The process is progressive and parallel. Every index gives a finished part output.
Feed rates can go from 400mm/min to 1500mm/min, and that's very fast!

Of order of ₹ 0.1 ($0.001) to ₹ 0.3 ($0.004) per part.

Tool life can run from 50000 parts to up to a million parts, of course being a function of bore size & length i.e., how much surface area is being machined.
Diamond is one of the hardest cutting materials, and it wears slow, and hence it gives quite high tool life.

Single Pass Honing, Single Stroke Honing

Dwelling deeper into the iHones...

Here's primer on Insight's Single Pass Honing Machines
Single Pass Honing Machine, Single Stroke Honing
Single Pass Honing Machine, Single Stroke Honing
Single Pass Honing Machine, Single Stroke Honing
Single Pass Honing Machine, Single Stroke Honing

View in Action!

[Visit our YouTube channel and browse through the videos & the description - for some interesting insights on Single Stroke Honing and other interesting subjects]

iHone VR-S | 8 Spindle

CNC Eight Spindle Single Pass Honing Machine

Here's a sneak peek into an iHone VR-S with 8 Spindle config, installed along with a couple of 6 spindle ones, at one of India's largest conglomerates - who are pretty much into everything - be it Aerospace, Appliances, Defence, Infrastructure, and so much more!
We indeed look upto them, in awe!

This iHone has been churning out parts at the rate of ~7 seconds per part, with less than 0.0015 form & size tolerances and ~0.1 Ra of surface roughness.

Wish to know the details of Single Pass Honing Process? Click here and head on!

Well, in case of this 8 Spindle iHone, not only honing of these parts and their siblings - the larger castings though; Our 'Machining Solutions' team has set up end-to-end Turnkey Solutions on Vertical Machining Centers for operations viz., milling, drilling, tapping, trepanning, fine boring, et al.
And then, our 'Process Solutions' team did a fine job of engineering, developing & setting up assembly stations, and automating assembly processes therein.
It is indeed a matter of pride when our valued customers entrust us to set up comprehensive solution lines for them.

iHone VR-S | 6 Spindle

CNC Six Spindle Single Pass Honing Machines

These iHones, installed over half a decade ago, have been churning out parts 24/7 - since then, working like war-horses, producing output consistently & non-stop (!), with:

> Bore size repeatability < 0.002mm
> Circularity of 0.0008~0.0015mm
> Cylindricity of 0.0005~0.0015mm
> Surface finish of 0.08~0.11 Ra
> Cycle time of 10 seconds per Part