Wish to join us? You must be passionate to the core!

Insight is a people-driven organization. We take great care in nurturing talent and growing our people.
Atmosphere at Insight is always charged with a drive to learn and evolve, continuously.

Providing a platform of holistic growth to every team member across the organization - is a fundamental line of thought at Insight.

Solution Engineering Group

SEG envisions & ideates Solutions that are focused on enhancing 'Quality & Productivity' and reducing 'Operational Costs' to our customers. "Simple, Effective & Sustainable", is the core mantra.

Core skills expected:
▸ Acumen to see 'what-is' & 'how-it-should-be'
▸ Sound engineering fundamentals
▸ First Principle & Objective thinking
▸ Critical thinking and envisioning
▸ Know-how of technological trends
▸ Excellent communication - verbal & written

Project Management Group

PMG holistically connects the dots, plans and executes the Projects methodically, and meticulously drives the deliverables end-to-end, by steering operational processes effectively. "PDCA, PERT & CPM", form core methodologies.

Core skills expected:
▸ Sound planning & tracking techniques
▸ Objectively result oriented and execution driven
▸ Ability to foresee & develop thorough FMEA
▸ Skilled at project-control plan in terms of QCD
▸ Excellent communication - verbal & written
▸ Effectively rally cross-functional teams

Design Engineering Group

DEG transforms ideas & concepts into state-of-the-art designs, via first principles, critical thinking, simplification, analyses and thorough engineering. "Innovative, Efficient , Reliable & Built-to-last", forms the bottom-line.

Core skills expected:
▸ Sound engineering fundamentals
▸ First Principle & Objective thinking
▸ Critical evaluation & engineering acumen
▸ Comprehensive understanding of GD&T
▸ Open to ideas & last minute improvements
▸ Engineer designs to minute details

Manufacturing Engineering Group

MEG metamorphoses designs into World-Class-Products, through no-compromise-DNA, superior levels of quality consciousness & function-oriented build of the products. "Uncompromising-Quality, Meticulous-build & Systemic-evaluation", is the DNA.

Core skills expected:
▸ Solid in GD&T, Manufacturing, Heat-treatment
▸ Sound know-how of Machines' manufacturing
▸ Holistic understanding of Quality Assurance
▸ Time conscious, Daily planner
▸ Empathic to shop-floor personnel

Application Engineering Group

AEG orchestrates the build into High-Performance products, through comprehensive integration, programming, run-off and productionizing. "Top-notch performance, Ease-of-use & Sustained throughput", is the way of AEG.

Core skills expected:
▸ Hands-on experience in Machine building, Installation, Commissioning, Site prove-out
▸ Sound know-how of Machine Erection
▸ Time conscious, Daily planner
▸ Flair to travel extensively

Customer Support Group

CSG drives & sustains High-Reliability of Products, through holistic engineering analyses, systemic data maintenance & monitoring, and instantaneous response. "Quick, Through, Predictive & Always-on", is the DNA of CSG.

Core skills expected:
▸ Empathic to customers' needs
▸ Hands-on experience in After-sales Service of Machine Tools or Automation
▸ Sound know-how of Mechanical systems and / or Electrical systems
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