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iMC Series  ● Machining Centers

- Performance Personified
Metal Cutting Machines

The trinity of metrics defines how a machine 'should be': 1] Quality 2] Throughout 3] Cost per component. One affects the other, invariably. There's a fine balance to be extracted off this trinity.

With 20+ years of experience, Insight's machine tool engineers build best-in-class machines that offer just what is needed, keeping flexibility & operational excellence in mind.

iMC Series flows into 3 kinds of solutions:
1) Standard Vertical, Horizontal & 5-Axes Machining Centers
2) Special Purpose Machines
3) Customized Machining Centers

iHone ● VR-S Series

- Precision Personified
Single Pass Honing Machines

Single pass honing, is a high-productivity bore-finishing process, that imparts (i) high-precision form (ii) tight size control, and (iii) high surface finish - consistently and precisely.

Production rates can go as high as 600 parts per hour, with close bore size & geometric repeatability, over a large batch size (of order of tens of thousands of parts).

iGrind ● LG Series

- Precision Personified
Dual Face Fine Grinding Machines

Applied for flat surface super-finishing, 'Dual Face Fine Grinding' process, is a fusion of lapping & grinding (aptly named ‘Lap-Grinding’), combining the best of (i) Speed & aggressive cutting of grinding, and (ii) Accuracy of lapping kinematics.

It is a batch-mode process that can impart size, parallelism & flatness of 1~2 μm, with Ra 0.1~0.25. Plus it is fast, clean & cost effective.

Assembly ● Testing

- Engineered to Excellence
Stations & Lines for Fitment & Testing

Putting parts together (assembly), is seemingly easy. But assembling 'correctly', requires in-depth process engineering. Do it well & you've built a sustainable assembly line, else it is a series of never ending problems, corrections, tweaks, & what not!

A fine assembly line 'just works', and works reliably. And that's how our crew of Process Automation experts build these systems.


- Smart, Efficient, Effective
Process Automation & Robotics

'Automation is transformational' - a resounding yes!
But then, it is true only when you know where & how exactly should you implement it!
Humans are wise 'beings'. And Robots aren't 'beings'. When you get a Robot to do what a person does, it wouldn't succeed unless the system engineering is 'just right' in a holistic sense.
Insight's Automation experts, with a keen eye for tiny yet crucial details, do just that - systemically so.

Tooled-up Solutions

- Seamless, Synergic, End-to-End
Machining Fixtures, Tooling, Power Units

'Synergic Interface' is a scientific method where 2 or more systems fit-in like a solved jig-saw puzzle. Tooling-up a Machine Tool, encompasses Fixture(s), Tools, Power units, Probing, Detection & so forth. The 'right mix' + 'synergic interface', is the key to real & tangible benefits. Insight's Tooling-up team, with a collective experience of setting up 1000+ production lines, executes 'print-to-production', i.e., from cycle time estimates to production run-off.

Smart Manufacturing

- Digitizing Manufacturing
i4.0, Industrial IoT, Digital evolution

'Cyber-physical Systems' are at the heart of 'Manufacturing Intelligence'. Transition to smart factories is inevitable to remain relevant & competitive. Meticulous integration of IT+OT is IIoT, and forms the foundation of 'Smart Manufacturing'. But first, it is essential to know the desired outcome, & what does the future hold. Insight's i4.0 experts help customers make informed decisions & bring the shop-floor to life, in a phased & scalable manner.